Friday, March 12, 2010

531 Trek

I picked up this Trek 610 from the local recycling centre for a cool $5. Lugged Reynolds 531 tubing plus a Shimano 600 gruppo made it a good score. The frame's too small for me but I couldn't resist building it up as a fixed gear so I pulled the wheels, chain, seatpost and saddle off the Motobecane and put it together quick and dirty. I've got the Brooks way back on the post and a 120mm stem out front so the cockpit is OK. They threw in some oddball Manubri Cosmos handlebars with a track shape but road drop and since they fit the stem, on they went. Running 50x20 with the stock crank and a Surly cog out back. Think I'll ride it for a while and then maybe sell it.

Note: I added a new link today > Classic Vintage Bikes