Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer-Weight Motobecane

I removed the brake, bell and bottle cage for a total of 1.8 pounds which is enough to notice. I'm not a gram counter kinda guy but the bike definitely feels livelier. And I enjoy riding brakeless which I did a lot last year on the Apollo. Of course the bike looks much better stripped down too.


Christopher Johnson said...

Very clean looking bike and an excellent photo.

You are not a gram counter. You are just a tenth of a pound counter. And I mean that in the most good natured, humorous sort of way.

Always enjoy your blog.

2cookie said...

Nice bike. I recently have been getting into Motobecane's and i found a 75 Mirage for 30 bucks on a local classified ads website. I bought it of course. Before I had an old JC penny 10 speed that I had converted to a fixed gear but I wanted to upgrade to a better frame. The motobecane was a good choice I think. I wanted to ask if you had any idea on the size of the bottom bracket? I want to upgrade to a better one but don't know the size.

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