Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dave Moulton

I know Bike Snob NYC has a lot of fans but for my money, Dave Moulton's is the best bicycle blog on the web. Thanks Dave!


Anonymous said...

So long as he sticks to bikes he might know what he’s talking about. When he starts talking about running, he has no clue. It actually made me doubt everything he says. Some people think they know everything about everything just because they know a bit about one subject. Dave is dangerous. Too many people believe what he says just because he said it. I'm glad he's done blogging! Check out this stupid article he did.

Victor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for stopping by. I spent most of yesterday reading Dave's blog but I did not read the post you mentioned because I don't care a hoot about running. I did read it just now and would have to politely disagree that it's a "stupid" article. That's really beside the point as his blog is a wealth of cycling information provided for free and we should all be grateful for that imho. Cheers.

Dave Moulton said...

Thank you Victor for posting this, and for your support.

In answer to the comment by Anonymous above: Of course I don’t know everything, does anyone? In that particular article, I was quoting statistics from Dr. Edward Coyle, and I thought the addendum at the bottom stated the piece was flawed in some respects.

It is exactly this type of harsh criticism that made me quit writing on the blog. People judge a whole body of work, over 280 articles that took almost three years to write, because they disagree with one small piece of it.

Here is the link to the piece in question Running vs Cycling: Burning Calories

Anonymous said...

like I said. I'm glad you're done blogging.

Anonymous said...

Daves bike blog was one of the best any one could find. Just one point: It is called a bike blog, and nowhere does Dave claim to be an expert on running. And since when is it not "ok" for people to have opinions, or in this case point out data from others? I for one miss Dave's blog entries.