Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crunching Some Numbers

I've been known to rant about the price of gasoline and using a bicycle for everyday transportation (see Zero Emissions and End Of An Era) as well as recreation. Of course I'm not alone. This has been coming for quite a while and many have been waving red flags around the world. But here is some recent data to fuel the end of fossil fuel flames: Gasoline is now at $126 a barrel with some analysts predicting $200 in the not too distant future. Concurrently, bicycle sales are up 14% in Europe and 9% in the US (no numbers available for Canada). So I guess my wife and I aren't the only ones parking our vehicles and biking or walking where we need to go. And if you're as put off by the price of a new bicycle as you are by the numbers at the pump, stay tuned. The next post will be about a set of wheels guaranteed to be within your budget.


joelle said...

Love the picture.

Dee Kellan said...

I understand totally. I've been doing my own "Bike Year" and even bought studded snow tires last winter and USED THEM DAILY. I have saved more money than I thought possible. I love your blogspot. Mine is all about commuting too,

Please keep up the great work. Yours is something for me to aspire to.