Saturday, February 23, 2008

Zero Emissions

Well, not quite zero emissions but close. The last time I bought gas was five weeks ago today and I still have well over a quarter of a tank. So you don't have to drive a Prius to minimize your carbon footprint. The simple way is to just not drive whatever vehicle you happen to own. We do almost all of our errands and a good bit of our socializing either on foot or by bike. Of course it helps to live in a situation where that's possible but you get the idea. Every mile on a bike means an ever-so-slightly greener planet and it all adds up when you do the math.

Now, about the painting...

Artist: Francesco Capello (Italian, b. 1944)
Title: Bike and Gas Pump, 1996
Medium: Oil on linen, 76 x 100cm

1 comment:

Philip Williamson said...

Nice painting. Mmm... linen!

I couldn't agree more about the car driving thing, too. My car didn't start for two weeks, and it wasn't until we wanted to go to the beach that I even put in the hour it took to figure out why.
And then I used my bicycle to go to the auto parts store.