Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Steel?

The text below comes from the Henry James website:

Steel has a lot going for it. No other frame material can make all these claims:

  • Tensile strengths of steel bicycle tubing have doubled in the last few years, leading to lighter and livelier, and most importantly, more comfortable frames.
  • Steel frames can be brazed at low temperatures with minimal metallurgical effects because, unlike in welding, the tube is not melted.
  • Brazed steel frames need little or no alignment after building.
  • Esthetically and technically superior brazed lug construction can only be used for steel frames. Steel lugs reinforce the joints allowing lighter gauge tubing. This leads to longer lived frames and a more responsive ride.
  • Steel has a higher density than other frame materials so it provides a more lively ride and better feedback when riding at close to the limit of traction.

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