Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fourteen To Six

14 to 6 sounds like a football score but it's actually Phase One of the Bridgestone RB-2 conversion. I removed the 39 tooth chainring and replaced the 53 with a 50 I had laying around. Also gone is the front derailleur and one cog from the rear hub cassette leaving me with six gears instead of fourteen. Only 5 more to go. But it will likely be a while before the RB is a fixed gear ride. I plan to have a new rear wheel built around a White Industries ENO hub and a Mavic Open Pro rim but that little number will set me back some serious bucks so I'm waiting til I can finance the purchase with eBay sales or a windfall. I will also be replacing the crank with a 170mm spider and adding MKS touring pedals in place of the track units that came stock . Not shown in the photo but already on the bike are a Nitto 120mm Technomic stem, Nitto Noodle bars in 46cm and vintage DiaCompe non-aero brake levers. I may end up grinding off the braze-ons and having the frame painted but that'll be after the build is complete and I've ridden her fixed for a while. In the meantime there's a nice but hilly 20 mile ride in my neighbourhood that's waiting for me and my six gears.

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