Friday, February 29, 2008

Ellis Cycles

Hope you enjoyed that documentary on the English framebuilders. The uninitiated might get the impression that what those gents do is a dying art but not so. It's true that the big companies have gone to faster and cheaper methods of frame manufacture. But as anyone who followed the coverage of the recent North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show already knows, we are actually in the middle of a new Golden Age of lugged steel bicycles. I have been corresponding with a gentleman who has just hung out the shingle after working for several years at Serotta and Waterford. That's him with the torch in the photo above working on the very first frame that will go out under his own name. He's David Wages and you can pay him a visit at EllisCycles


jovic said...

That's a great picture and very cool that he's building frames himself! Good luck to him...craft is everything.

Steve said...

As someone who's actually riding a frame built by Dave during his days at Serotta, I will attest to his skill. Glad to see him building on his own terms.