Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Turning Back

I hadn't ridden my 14-speed Bridgestone road bike since last summer which is when I first got the Motobecane fixie up and running. It needed some tweaking and besides the Moto was just too much fun. So today I finally got around to replacing a brake cable and doing a few other minor tune-up things to the Bridgestone and took her for a spin. Whoa! Coasting feels very, very strange after all these months of not being able to. Scary strange. It was like I had no control of the bike whatsoever. I was pretty sure I was going to convert the Bridgestone to a fixie but had not made up my mind completely. Until today's ride. I doubt I'll ever ride anything that isn't fixed. I will have to use the very expensive White Industries eccentric rear hub due to the vertical dropouts but it'll be worth it. The bike rides great and the frame is in excellent condition so stay tuned for the build-up posts.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eating Crow

Last month I posted that I'd never put fenders on my bike. Well, that's exactly what I did this afternoon so never say never I guess. Three factors contributed to my dinner of crow:

1. I picked up an old rusty Raleigh city bike for $5 with the intention of salvaging some parts to sell on eBay or for my stash.

2. I decided to make a fixie out of my Bridgestone RB-2 and use the Motobecane as a winter beater since I still haven't gotten around to painting it.

3. It snowed last night but the sun came out this afternoon and I wanted to ride to the market instead of taking the truck.

So...I removed the somewhat rusty and dented fenders from the Raleigh, took a hacksaw to them to make them as small as possible yet still function and bolted them onto the Motobecane. I arrived home with dry jeans and no stripe up my back despite having wheeled through snow, puddles and wet streets. So I guess they work. And they don't look too bad. And now I've got fenders just like everybody else in my neighbourhood. I'm still the only guy on a fixed gear road bike though.