Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Just back from a nice long post-Christmas ride. It's a warm, sunny day (4 Celsius, 39 Fahrenheit) with no wind. Very nice after several days of rain. But less than a mile from the house, my chain popped off. The good news is it didn't break and I didn't crash. I just braked to a stop and put it back on the cog and chainring and carried on. I have no idea how or why it happened though. There's no slack in the chain and I wasn't hammering so...who knows?

One of the reasons for riding fixed is the workout and did I ever get one today! My thighs are singing but it's a good thing. I am running 46/17 which makes me work pretty hard on the hills but that's the idea. By spring, I should be a lot stronger. Started out with 50/17 because I happened to have a 50 tooth chainring laying around but no way I could pull that. 46/17 seems about right though there are some hills around here that force a dismount. Middle age has no pride.